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What the P-S Won't Tell You About Notre Dame

Hey SU fans, Notre Dame is coming to town, New York, New Jersey! It's time to wake up the echoes calling your name and shake down the thunder from the sky!..or is it wake up the thunder and shake down the echoes? If no one hears an echo waking up, does it actually exist?? Oh just forget's your preview...


We wanted to be 3-0...we needed to be 3-0.  Yet here we are facing The Gauntlet at a pedestrian 2-1.  Ugh.

Maryland was a bitter pill to swallow for many reasons.  First of all, it was Maryland.  They are not a very, very bad team, but I'd like to think we are good for the win at home more often than not.  They were there for the taking, yet between our kicking game, indiscipline, and one horrendous pick-six, we gift-wrapped them a win!

It was also unfortunately yet another Dome stinker in front of a home crowd that has to be thinking the football team is just screwing with them at this point.  Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it leaves Syracuse with a challenging climb to match their 2013 record, let alone exceed it.  A 3-0 record with Notre Dame, Louisville, Florida State and Clemson all ahead over the next five weeks would have been enough to set us up nicely to take on the back portion of our schedule and reach the six or seven wins that are the minimum expectation for this team.

With the Maryland loss, we realistically need to win one of these four games to meet expectations.  We can do it, there is no question, yet our margin for error just got a lot smaller -- starting with our annual non-home game against the mighty Notre Dame Fighting Iris.

Enough of the cold reality though.  Let's have a laugh first.


In this week's preview, we introduce you to the most storied, spectacular and self-important program in the land:  The Notre Dame Fighting Iris!  We do a TNIAAM OTL on the most criminal Heisman Trophy scam of all time, and compare Notre Dame's party credentials with the most storied, spectacular, and self-important PARTY SCHOOL in the land!!!

Enjoy, and Go Orange!