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Syracuse Football Kicker Alex Hodgkinson Wants You To Eat His Sausage

When Alex Hodgkinson isn't busy walking on to the SU football team or studying for school, he's slinging hot dogs from his new food cart on campus.

Jeffrey Phelps

Tell me that a Syracuse Orange football player has started his own business during the season and I immediately have flashbacks to Hollywood Hookah. I imagine a football program run amok, attentions diverted unnecessarily and coaches blissfully unaware that their players are even doing it.

This time, at least, it sounds like that's not actually the case. This time, walk-on reserve kicker Alex Hodgkinson is starting a food cart on campus and it all sounds pretty above board.

Hodgkinson, a junior and reserve kicker on the Syracuse University football team, achieved that goal about three weeks ago when his very own food cart, Pinocchio’s Pushcart, opened up right on the SU campus.

"I always loved the idea of small food options you see on the side of the street and it’s just a quick bite to eat," Hodgkinson said. "Especially nowadays where a lot of kids and people don’t have the time and don’t make the time to eat."

"I’m half American and half English so it would be British Sausages and American hot dogs," Hodgkinson said. "It’s kind of a reflection of who I am and where I come from."

Fellow kicker Ryan Norton says Hodgkinson talks about the cart often at practice and is able to balance all of his endeavors easily. A tip of the cap to that as, when I was Hodgkinson's age, I could barely attend all my classes any given week, let alone set aside time to practice for football and run my own business.

The food cart is located at the top of Walnut Park across from Bird Library and he hopes to have it open everyday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and even during some weekend late nights. Considering the current state of the kicking game for Syracuse, he might want to delegate some responsibilities, especially on gamedays. We may actually need him on the field yet.

Bonus Nunesbucks to anyone who sends us pics of them grabbing a dog from the cart. Double Nunesbucks if Alex is there...