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Syracuse Football: Ashton Broyld Will Miss a "Couple Weeks" With Lower-Leg Injury

Welp... this isn't the best news.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

After Syracuse H-back Ashton Broyld left the field with what looked like a pretty leg injury in the first half last week, there was some panic it was a ligament issue or perhaps a dislocated knee. The initial "LBI" report didn't help that worry either, but now, on Monday, we finally get some news.

Per the video below between Coach Scott Shafer and Matt Park, it seems that Broyld will miss a "couple weeks" with the injury -- still not specified beyond "lower-leg" and that he's rehabbing hard to get back. The full conversation for you:


Now this news really couldn't come at a worse time -- but we knew that when he left the game against Maryland, too. Though Broyld has really yet to get going this season in terms of big plays, his mere presence on the field has helped take the attention of defenders and open up the passing game for other contributors. His speed is still an asset -- one that will be sorely missed in the coming weeks against fast teams like Notre Dame and Louisville.

At a base line, you figure he's out for the Irish and Cardinals (this weekend and the following one), which automatically hurts Syracuse's passing game quite a bit. Though Terrel Hunt has appeared to get better throwing the ball, Syracuse still averages just 192 yards per game through the air -- 101st in the country. There are plenty of other weapons on the field to throw to, but you could make an argument that Broyld's the most dangerous one SU has at its disposal after leading the team in receptions in 2013.


Expect more news in a couple weeks, and just be glad that there's a chance he can return this year (for now). It's very likely we'll see some shifts in the depth chart going into this weekend now, with someone like Alvin Cornelius back-filling the H-back spot (while Brisly Estime moves into a starting role).