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Syracuse Football: ACC Gives Orange-Notre Dame Game a Hype Video



You're (sort of) excited for Syracuse's matchup with Notre Dame on Saturday. Or at least you think you are. That is, until you see the ACC's HYPE VIDEOOOOOOOOOO (cue airhorns):


I mean, you're officially amped now, right? So many elements to get you as excited as possible for this matchup between a top-10 team and an unranked one-loss team on a neutral site! A list of what should excite you most:

  • RUBY F&^#?ING TUESDAYS SPONSORSHIP... because you can't do football without those pumpernickel croutons
  • Flags!
  • Sun glasses!
  • Mascots!
  • Pointing!
  • Yelling!
  • Highlights from last season
  • Highlights from THIS season
  • Everyone's favorite SU football .gif, in video form
  • An aggressive amount of Terrel Hunt that underscores the fact that he's the only player who can find his way into the end zone for SU this year

So go ahead and run RIGHT THROUGH that brick wall that's in front of you. "Syracuse! Notre Dame! It's Almost-But-Not-Really ACC Football on ABC!"