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Final Score: Maryland 34, Syracuse 20

Syracuse could have made this a game. But they chose not to, and instead, the Orange go ahead and lose a game in incredibly frustrating fashion.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse managed 576 total yards, picked up 26 first downs and ran more than 80 plays from scrimmage. If you heard those things before the game, you'd probably guess the Orange ran away with a key victory over Maryland today, right? Instead, offensive inefficiency, unimaginative play-calling and a plethora of mistakes in every facet of the game stopped the Orange cold and led to the 34-20 loss at the Carrier Dome.

The Orange came out firing to start the game, driving downfield quickly and similarly to last week's offense, but things bogged down in Maryland territory, foreshadowing what would be a theme for the rest of the afternoon. Defensively, Syracuse struggled early with its linebackers in coverage, getting lit up for most of the first half before settling down in the second.

Terrel Hunt finished the game 14-for-28, with 219 yards passing and an interception, to go with a career-high 143 yards on the ground (on 22 carries) plus two TDs. Prince-Tyson Gulley also showed a major resurgence in comparison to last week, with 138 yards on the game, while Adonis Ameen-Moore added 68. Syracuse had 357 total rushing yards, but the offense would be defined by its scoring area struggles and two turnovers (including a late fumble that pretty much sealed things).

Maryland's C.J. Brown was largely contained on the ground (14 carries for 25 yards), but his receivers helped him be fairly effective passing the football. The senior racked up 280 yards and two scores on 16-of-26 passing. Brandon Ross and Marcus Leak had the two receiving TDs for the Terps, while Jacquielle Veii added one on the ground and William Likely scored on a pick-six.


Syracuse falls to 2-1 on the season, with a big matchup with Notre Dame coming up next Saturday. Maryland moves to 3-1, wrapping up their non-conference schedule before Big Ten play.

Full recap coming soon.