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Scott Shafer: 'Let’s Not Talk About Villanova Ever Again'

Shafe knows why you're asking the questions. He'd rather not talk about it.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Scott Shafer is a man who likes to throw around a good cussword from time to time. It's not uncommon to hear him tell a rival coach to go F themselves or to warn opponents that he's going to lock the damn doors at the stadium.

There is, however, one word he would prefer not to hear anymore. "Villanova."

"But let’s not talk about Villanova ever again," Shafer said in the middle of his weekly press conference. "I know I brought it up first but let’s all agree to never talk about Villanova again.

"Can we shake on it?"

Shafer also pondered the deep question of life, such as, "Which Syracuse is the real Syracuse, the one that almost lost to NAME REDACTED or the one who throttled CMU?"

"We have a counter-balance thing going on right now," Shafer said Thursday morning. "We played horrible. We played really well. Where's reality?"

Shafe must've been in a good mood on Thursday as he was throwing out coach speak like it was, well, coach speak. And don't try to tell Scott Shafer that coach speak isn't real.

"Coach speak is coach speak ’cause it’s real."