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Syracuse vs. Maryland: Do the Orange Need to Prepare for Two Terps QBs?

A remark from Maryland coach Randy Edsall may open the door for two different QBs on Saturday...

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Taking a quick look at TNIAAM's Maryland coverage, there's a lot being made of Terrapins QB C.J. Brown and his running abilities. But what's been glossed over a bit is how much Brown struggles passing the football. Through three games, the Maryland starter is completing just 54 percent of his passes, for 553 yards (6.36 yards per attempt), four touchdowns and three picks -- this despite having Stefon Diggs, one of the country's better receivers -- at his disposal. Given that, we should probably be paying attention to those struggles, especially when Maryland coach Randy Edsall certainly is. Apparently, he'd even consider trotting Caleb Rowe out there if Brown continues his issues throwing the football.

Don't know who Caleb Rowe is? Well, a quick synopsis: Rowe was originally inserted as QB1 back in 2012, when the Terps were ravaged by injuries at level rarely seen outside of Iowa. He has some mobility, but for the most part, he's a better passer -- or at least a better passer than Brown. In limited action this year, he's 9-for-14, for 118 yards, two scores and a pick. Not a large sample size, but not too shabby either.

According to Edsall, Brown is still very much "the guy," but he's not completely shutting the door on Rowe, who appears to be gaining some favor within a Maryland fan base looking to actually utilize its play-making receivers. From the original article (on 247Sports):

"On a day-to-day basis if we evaluate things from practice and then, even in the games, C.J.'s the guy that gives us that best opportunity to do all the things we need to do. But I feel very comfortable and confident that if Caleb has to go in or we need him to go in, he'll be able to do the job."


So should Syracuse be preparing for two very different quarterbacks on Saturday? Probably not, but it should at least be in the back of the Orange staff's minds. Should Rowe get the call after early success against Brown, Maryland's offense could suddenly find itself a whole lot more open, and shift the focus from the front-seven to the SU secondary... which seems pretty confident at the moment.