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Orange Football: ESPN "Kicking Around" College Gameday for Notre Dame-Syracuse?

Wait, seriously?

Slaven Vlasic

You remember that article that went up on this very site on Tuesday, right? The one where we asked if Syracuse could/would ever host ESPN College Gameday? Well, did we end up inspiring some thoughts? Or perhaps foreshadow what's going on behind closed doors at the World Wide Leader? Because according to's Nate Mink:

Could ESPN GameDay show up at Syracuse-Notre Dame? Producer says 'we've been kicking around Times Square'

Now let's not get carried away. There's nothing set in stone at all. And these thoughts and murmurs about New York City and Times Square have been going on for years, according to Gameday producer Drew Gallagher. But the thought's at least confirmed to be there now, even if Notre Dame and Syracuse isn't the only game they'd consider for such an elaborate location.


So what has to happen in order for Syracuse New York City to be the center of the college football world for one morning in September... for the first time ever? Well (baseline):

  • Syracuse needs to beat Maryland... preferably by a lot
  • One of Stanford or Washington (who face each other in week 5) should probably lose
  • Same for Missouri and South Carolina

... And then there's the other factor we can't really control, because as Gallagher also mentions, "it's not always the obvious choice." Well, there's another "not so obvious choice" beyond that Syracuse-Notre Dame game. And it also takes place with some relative proximity to New York City: Army at Yale for the Yale Bowl's 100th Anniversary. So yeah, I'd never describe odds as "in our favor," even if Gallagher himself believes it would be good for the Syracuse program. And I hate to even bring this up, but what happens if SUNJ finds itself hosting from NYC later this year if (god forbid) we don't do so on the 27th?

Point is, this is far from in the bag for us, and same goes for anyone else. Neither Syracuse, nor Rutgers, nor Notre Dame or Army or anyone else. But it's nice to know that if the Orange get to 3-0, they've at least got some shot at "playing host" to this thing. It's not a 10-win season. Or a championship. Or even a top-tier bowl game. For now, however, it's something to potentially look forward to, and know is a possibility down the road even if not this season.

Seriously, though. Syracuse, beat the Terps this Saturday and let's make this happen.