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Jim Boeheim Doesn't Use Social Media But He Understands It

Boeheim reiterates his policy on social media, which is, to let players be adults.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Boeheim will never be on Twitter. Of that I am sure. But I've always appreciated his stance when it comes to Syracuse Orange player Twitterfeeds and whether or not to enforce any kind of policy with them.

"We talk to them about it, but we don't restrict them. They are in college to learn. To go through college experiences. We don't put a lot of rules on it in terms of 'you can't do that.' We hope that they understand what it is if you put it out there, it's going to get around."

"My philosophy has always been you are in college to try to learn what you need to do and not do," Boeheim said. "Nobody restricts any other college students from doing anything. We want them to be a college student and have the freedom to do things. They just have to understand that if they do something, it's going to get out there."

This isn't anything new, he's said this before. But I always find it refreshing to see college coaches treat their players like adults and entrust them to do the right thing. They won't always do the right thing, but, I agree that they should be given the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them rather than punishing them before they ever commit a crime.

Whenever I see coaches banning Twitter and social media access, I always wonder how detached they must be from their players. John Thompson III has said Twitter is "very dangerous," as if Twitter is the monster infiltrating his players, instead of trying to teach his players how to solid members of society.

You're a coach, after all. Try coaching.