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Ritchy Desir: Syracuse Football's Clown Prince of Crime

Nobody knows how to turn nothing into something quite like Ritchy Desir.

Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

Before we move on from the Central Michigan game, I feel as though we'd be remiss not to mention the glorious devilry of Ritchy Desir during the game.

First, on a punt return, Desir called for a fair catch before catching the ball and immediately taking off. Scott Shafer says that Desir simply didn't hear the whistle and feared he was about to get clocked where he stood. But we know better. We know Desir saw what the system was giving him and decided he wanted a little bit more. And Ritchy isn't above playing it fast and loose to get there.

Next, later on during kick coverage, Desir was among a gaggle of Orange players who swarmed a Riley Dixon punt as it (naturally) rolled within the ten-yard line. The ball kept rolling and rolling and although it made it fairly close to the goal line, it was clearly not going to make it all the way. So, Desir, always five steps ahead of Johnny Law, not only touched the ball, but also dragged it a couple more yards closer to the goal. Alas, the long arm of the law was long enough to catch him...this time. But what about next time? There's always a next time.

Especially when it comes to Ritchy Desir, Syracuse Football's Clown Prince of Crime.