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Syracuse Football Recruiting: Daiquan Kelly (c/o 2015) Flips to Penn State

2015 NJ Safety Daiquan Kelly committed to Penn State today

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

All the good vibes with the football program after yesterday's big win at CMU dried up in a flash today, as one of Syracuse's best recruits flipped his commitment to Penn State.

There was no indication that Kelly had a Penn State offer but it was rumored that if he got one, a flip was a forgone conclusion... and it appears now that was the case. The NCAA's ridiculous decision to pull their bowl ban and allow them a full compliment of scholarships for the next season definitely didn't help here either.

This really hurts Syracuse at the safety position as Marquise Blair is currently a non-qualifier and will need to get his academics right to get here next summer. Christopher Frederick is now our only committed player at the position.

What's next for the Orange? Look for us to push hard for safeties like Largo's Jonathan Crawford. Jazzee Stocker is another potential name to look out for there. We'll need to land one of them or start looking elsewhere, but I feel good about that prospect.

It really hurts to see us doing so well in Jersey and then have this bombshell dropped on us, but that's what happens when the NCAA decides to slap their money-making programs on the wrist.