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Final Score: Syracuse 40, Central Michigan 3

Well that wasn't nearly as difficult as we'd originally thought it would be...

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

As a fan base, we were pretty worried going into this game. But all of our concerns -- about both the offense and the defense -- appeared to be laid to rest by the end of the first half. Your Syracuse Orange football team went up to Mount Pleasant and blew the doors off of Central Michigan, winning by a final score of 40-3.

Of course, we'd be remiss not to mention the fact that the Chippewas' top two offensive playmakers, RB Thomas Rawls and WR Titus Davis were inactive for this game, but a big win is a big win. The Orange showed a lot of growth on offense compared to last week, moving the ball incredibly well on the ground while also passing with poise and accuracy as well. But this rout doesn't happen without the defense. Chuck Bullough's group was relentless with the blitz (sound familiar?) and after CMU's first drive looked promising, they couldn't muster much else for the rest of the contest. CMU also turned the ball over twice on the game, and were also stopped for a safety.

Offensively, Terrel Hunt had some zip on the ball that we've never really seen -- pushing the ball into tight spots and keeping the defense guessing with a nice mix of run and pass. A large cast of characters touched the ball for Syracuse on the afternoon, showing off what may be a very underrated aspect of this group: immense versatility.

Full, detailed recap to come, but for now, consider this your space to celebrate, brag and overall, enjoy the fact that the Orange are 2-0 on the season!