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Floyd Little: 'I Wanted to Pattern Myself After What [Ernie Davis] Could Have Been'

The ACC Network profiles the one, the only, Floyd Little.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

There was a time when Floyd Little was just "the other 44." Everyone knew Jim Brown and Ernie Davis, but Little was often thrown in to the mythology as a nice piece to complement them. In the last decade, however, Little has received the recognition he's always deserved, not only from the Pro Football Hall of Fame but also from Syracuse University. Now, Floyd is Special Assistant to the Athletics Director, which basically means he's an ambassador for the school and a mentor to it's many athletes.

The ACC profiled Little recently and it's required viewing for Orange fans. Listen to the only three-time, All-American RB in school history recount his conversation with Ernie Davis that led him to Syracuse and not the U.S. Military Academy. Little says "I wanted to pattern myself after what [Ernie Davis] could have been." Mission accomplished.