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Syracuse Football: Scott Shafer on Villanova, Depth Charts & Preparing for Central Michigan

Syracuse Head Coach Scott Shafer spoke during the ACC coaches conference on Tuesday, discussing a variety of topics regarding the football team.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Every week, Syracuse Head Football Coach Scott Shafer addresses the media via the ACC Coaches conference. You can read the transcript of his remarks (and every other coach's) here, but here's your rundown of the important stuff:

What stands out about Central Michigan:

"First off, I think coach Enos has done a great job of getting these kids ready to play this year. They play a very physical brand of football. Their defense runs around and they play good, sound defense and they’re good tacklers in space. I’ve been real impressed with what they’ve done on that side of the ball. "On offense, they’re going to run the ball at you. They’re going to run the power or the lead iso type plays and against Purdue, they opened it up a bit and started with some empty formations. So, I’m just impressed with the job that Dan has done there and they’re a good, tough, physical team."

What was addressed during the bye week:

"I just want to see a better job tackling in space, gang tackling on defense and just being focused and locked into one play at a time. Those are the things we focused most on."

How to transition from preparing for Villanova's offense to Central Michigan's offense:

"I enjoy going against everybody and the different things that each team presents on both sides of the ball and the kicking game. In particular, going against Central Michigan the biggest focus is understanding what they do well and trying to take it away. We’re going to concentrate on our improve more than anything right now."

Scouting CMU's Thomas Rawls:

"He runs hard, kind of like Adonis [Ameen - Moore] does for us. In preparing, I think it’s trying to do a good j ob of fitting the scheme that we’re going to see on Saturday. We’ve seen backs like him before. He’s physical and likes to run the ball north and south and hats off to him. He’s playing really good football. It was a great opportunity for him to move over from Central Michigan and it’s a great story for him and he’s fun to watch.

For us it’s a matter of understanding how they’re going to run him and get him the ball and doing a good job of fitting up those runs and making sure he’s not leaking out of the backfield and catching passes as well. He’s done a great job in all areas of the game and it’ll be a good challenge for our kids."

About Syracuse's wide receivers:

"I think they’ve done a good job. We have expectations of them doing an even better job this week of catching the ball and blocking. I think their work has been good this bye week and I’m looking forward to see how they work today and tomorrow and get locked into this game plan, but I’ve been pleased with the way they’ve worked."

On Brisly Estime:

"Brisly is ready to go, he’s looking forward to this next game and he’s working hard. All of our wide receivers will get an opportunity to help us in the look that we’re going to get and I’m excited to see Brisly play game number two."

Curious why Ben Lewis is on the two-deep at wideout?:

"I think each individual in the [wide receivers] group brings something different to the table. What Ben Lewis brings to the table is that he’s a very hard worker, a physical blocker and he’s helped us a bunch in the kicking game as well. He’s the ultimate team player and has great hands. I’ve been very impressed with his competitive nature."


So there's Shafer for you, in a nutshell. Also, Syracuse football too -- plenty to digest as we head into the Central Michigan game. And expect the questions to keep coming if the Orange do anything but win by 30.