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Syracuse Daily Links - Football Players Talk NCAA Autonomy

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What do Syracuse Football players think about getting paid or forming a union?

Bob Levey

Q&A: Syracuse football QB Terrel Hunt in favor of additional $2,000 stipend, equality through Division I |

"That would be cool if we got paid, if everybody got a stipend for the same amount. That would definitely be a lot better because I know a couple guys that need it, but right now I'm just thinking about the season. I don't have time to think about all the outside stuff."

With NCAA autonomy vote coming, what do Syracuse players want from the NCAA? |

"Some of the people that don't get as much money are the ones without financial aid. If you put a set amount that everyone could get per year. If you said you get this amount and maybe the kids with financial aid get a little more just because they don't have the support from back home. I think everyone would get an equal amount during the year. A little spending money. Everyone wants to keep up with the trends and have some nice stuff too." - Jarrod West

Syracuse University Athletics - College Colors Day Competition Launches

Fans can earn points for their favorite university or college by showcasing their school spirit on Twitter and Instagram using #collegecolors and their school-specific hashtag. Bonus points can be earned by sharing those posts via the newly created College Colors app, which is now available for download.

Syracuse recruiting target Sedee Keita, who attended SU's elite camp, grows into major prospect |

"He was 6-foot three years ago,'' Myers said Thursday. "A year later, he was 6-3. Another year, he was 6-6 and now he's 6-9. He's grown three inches a year for the past three years. He's gone from being a guard to a 6-9 forward.''

Matthew Moyer, Syracuse basketball's newest recruit, has exploded on national radar |

"When he got the Syracuse offer he was giddy," Moyer's father, Fred, said Wednesday night. "It's been crazy, crazy. (The past month) I'm getting calls at work from all different area codes. I've gotten six calls since I've been on the phone with you. It's crazy, but we're not complaining. He's worked hard for this."

Q&A With SU Hoops Recruiting Guru Dean Francis | Otto's Grove

We reached out to Syracuse recruiting junkie Dean Francis, who runs the recruiting blog Otto’s World, to get some insights into the current status of several targets on the Orange radar. Francis has been on the recruiting scene since 2000, and offers a ton of insight and knowledge on the top prospects year in and year out.

Syracuse University Athletics - ACC Names 229 SU Student-Athletes To 2013-14 Honor Roll

The conference recognized a record 3,967 student-athletes across the conference including 229 recipients from Syracuse University. Amongst the 229 acknowledged from SU, Kayla Treanor stood out as the rising junior was named the ACC's Spring Sport Player of the Year for women's lacrosse.

Syracuse University Athletics - USA East Coast Places Second

The USA East Coast, a team made up of college players including Syracuse's B.J. Johnson and Tyler Roberson, was defeated by host Estonia, 77-65, in the 2014 Tallinn Cup in Estonia. Johnson had 11 points and two rebounds while Roberson contributed six points and a squad-best 16 rebounds.