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Syracuse Daily Links - B.J. Johnson Injured in Estonia, Devendorf to Italy

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Europe is annexed but not without casualties.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse's B.J. Johnson injures ankle in USA East Coast's loss to Estonia |

Johnson suffered the injury when he grabbed a rebound and came down on an opposing player's foot. Johnson, a 6-foot-7 wing, continued to play in the game despite the sore ankle. Johnson, who had averaged 18.0 points in the teams' first two games, finished with just 11 points and four rebounds.

Orange Watch: Syracuse football will again make uniform fashion statements | The Juice Online

One knowledgeable uniform critic aside, it’s the players that make the program, and the players like what they’ll be wearing.

The Syracuse Orange will continue to perform at a high level - College Basketball - ESPN

When colleague Jay Bilas released his top contenders for 2014-15 a little while back, the Orange were nowhere to be found. I think that may turn out to be a mistake. I've seen Boeheim lose three starters before, but what I haven't seen in a very long time is Syracuse earning anything worse than a No. 4 seed in the NCAA tournament.

Jim Boeheim on Dion Waiters: 'He obviously thinks there could be trades yet' |

"He obviously thinks there could be trades yet," Boeheim said. "I told him he just has to be prepared to play wherever it is. If there's a trade, there's a trade. If not, he's got an opportunity to play with the best player in basketball in Cleveland."

Bracket reveal: 2K Classic - ESPN

Anytime Syracuse gets to play in the Garden, it’s a de facto Orange Invitational. Not because they’re guaranteed to win it all, but the Orange fans will buy up most of the tickets, and it will feel like a road game for their opponents. There’s a reason the school adopted the slogan "New York’s College Team."

The Journey Begins

"If you ask me a question, I’m just going to answer it," Waiters told SLAM, in response to a comment he offered recently about his goal of securing a starting spot this year. "You dream about being a starter in the NBA your whole life. I’m right here with a chance to do that and I’m not backing down from the challenge. So when somebody asks me if that’s my goal, I’m going to just answer truthfully. I don’t mean any disrespect to anybody. I’m just trying to compete. Anybody in my position would think the same way. I worked hard to get where I’m at today. I haven’t reached my peak. I feel like I’m still getting started. But as a man, in the NBA, if you don’t have confidence in yourself nobody else will."

Donovan McNabb slated to step into the booth for Fox NFL coverage |

McNabb, who played for the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings in the NFL, will join fellow Syracuse alum Dick Stockton in the booth. He will rotate as analyst along with former Cleveland Browns/Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Brady Quinn and Oakland Raiders linebacker Kirk Morrison.

Syracuse-California again: Who are Syracuse basketball's most familiar foes? |

The multiple meetings between Syracuse and California are unusual but not unprecented.

Who would Syracuse football coaching staff nominate in ACC's six-pack competition? |

Assistant coach Clark Lea might be able to rival North Carolina coach Larry Fedora's six-pack abs but you'll never know.

Former Syracuse basketball standout Eric Devendorf to play in Italian League |

Former Syracuse baskettball standout Eric Devendorf will attempt to make his rebound from back surgery with Proger BLS Chieti of the Italian League, according to a Tweet from his agency.

Syracuse's Elite basketball camp opens today at the Melo Center; prospects in attendance |

Thomas Bryant and another Bishop Kearney player are in attendance.

Syracuse football 14 in '14: Projecting the crowds at the Carrier Dome this season |

If Syracuse shows improvement on those numbers it will be a sign that George McDonald's high-octane offense has kicked into gear and that maybe, just maybe, the Orange won't have to lean on its defense this season as much as it had to last season. It may also mean we could see improvement in this number: 38,276.