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Anonymous ACC Coaches Actually Rather Nice About Syracuse Football

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But they'd probably still put NC State ahead of us in their anonymous poll...

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Athlon Sports asked a bunch of anonymous ACC coaches (which could mean anything from head coaches to the strength & conditioning guys) to talk about all of the other teams in the conference. Altold, Anonymous ACC Coach seems to be rather fond of the Syracuse Orange...

"They were very physical up front and defensively. By the end of the year they were playing extremely physical."…

"Coach Shafer is recruiting to his mentality – he’s a fiery, tough guy. That’s what you’ll get."…

"The quarterback (Terrel Hunt) was hot and cold throughout the year but he found their niche late in the season. He could take charge at times. He can keep plays alive with his feet, throws the ball and runs the ball well, can keep the ball alive on third down, smart with the ball. He was maybe turning the ball over a little bit too much early on."

The meanest things Anonumous ACC Coach said was that Terrel Hunt was hot & cold (which is putting it nicely), you were able to run past our secondary sometimes (which is completely true) and that our offensive line was decent (which it basically was).

The only thing I take umbrage with was the one coach who made it sound like we played in the American Athletic Conference. PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE US WITH UCONN, SIR.

Who got it in the neck?

N.C. State: "They were pretty weak everywhere, save maybe specialists..."

Wake Forest: "Talent wise, they weren’t at the top of the league, or really anything close."

Miami: "Stephen Morris probably hurt them more than he helped them."

Virginia: "I don’t see them being much better."

Athlon didn't poll Anonymous ACC Coach but if I had to guess, Anonymous ACC Coach still would have put NC State ahead of Syracuse is his Anonymous Preseason Poll.