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Syracuse Football Practice Catch-Up: QBs & RBs Finding Their Roles

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Let's get caught up with all the interesting nuggets of interest that have popped up over the last couple days in 2014 Syracuse Orange football camp...

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Coach Shafer

The podium survived Day Four and Coach Shafer seemed to be in a better mood following practice.

We did learn that Shafer likes to refer to Eric Crume as "Crumey," so, that's something.


Who is Syracuse's No. 2 QB? As a race, it doesn't have the sex appeal of trying to determine the starter, but it's a pretty vital need nonetheless. Mitch Kimble continues to work exclusively with the 2nd Team, though Tim Lester is quick to note that he wants to see consistency out of the RS freshman. Austin Wilson and A.J. Long continue to split time on the 3rd Team, while Alin Edouard remains at home dealing with a family matter.


Adonis Ameen-Moore is being counted on to step and replace Jerome Smith as Syracuse's downhill runner this season. That's in spite of the fact that he's lost a bit of weight from his Tank Package days.

"(Ameen-Moore) looks quicker and more agile out there," SU head coach Scott Shafer said on Tuesday. "He’s doing a real nice job."

Meanwhile, Prince-Tyson Gulley is looking forward to seeing an increased number of carries and getting back to what things were like in 2012:

"I would love to see at least me get 200 carries," Gulley said after practice earlier this week. "But I mean, 150 carries, but I'd rather get the ball passed to me as well."

It sounded like he wants to return to his 2012 form, when he complemented Smith with more than 1,000 yards of total offense and 11 touchdowns on close to 200 touches.


Coach Acosta take us inside the tight end meeting room...


What's it like inside the offensive line meeting room? Probably about what you thought it would be like..


It raised some eyebrows when DB Darius Kelly was revealed as one of the player vying for the placeholder role. However, it turns out that Kelly was actually a holder in high school and the position is old hat for him.

"Looking back, I've done probably one or two trick plays, rollout-option keepers," Kelly said. "That's about it. It's just come naturally to me. Coaches put me back there to do it. Trust me to do it."

Kelly said he also hopes to join Brisly Estime and Prince-Tyson Gulley on the kick return squad as well.