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Jim Boeheim Slams Mark Cuban, Will Not Stop Hyping Up The Class of 2015

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Jim Boeheim talked shop with Brent Axe on the radio Monday.

Rich Barnes

Jim Boeheim was the first guest on Brent Axe's new radio show 'On The Block,' which shares a name with his old radio show, 'On The Block.' It's all very confusing. But here's the point...Boeheim stopped by to talk about a whole lot of things and in typical Boeheim fashion, he was Boeheimy.

Because Boeheim has to get angry about something, this time Mark Cuban was the focus of his ire. Boeheim responded to Cuban's thoughts about how NBA players should forgo the Olympics for events created by NBA owners.

"It's funny because I guess Mark Cuban isn't against them playing, he just wants to make money off them playing. He didn't say anything about, 'Well, I don't want my player getting hurt.' He just doesn't like that FIBA makes money off the players, which by the way don't belong to him. He says, 'his players,' ... They're his players during the season. I don't think they don't belong to him in the offseason. But he wants them to play in one of their events, where they make money. So he really isn't against them playing, he just wants them to play where they can make money off them. So our players like playing for our country. They like playing in the Olympics. It's a great event. They like the challenge of going to the world championship and trying win it, and I think we'll get players. I don't think that it'll be a problem moving forward. I really don't"

How about Jerami Grant and Tyler Ennis, what does Boeheim think of them in the NBA a month removed from the draft?

"Any place else [Jerami] would have been in the D-League all year. I think he'll at least get an opportunity to play, but I think he'll probably spend some time in the D-League, too. He's just got to get bigger and stronger and it's going to take time."

"I think Tyler played well in the summer league but he's in Phoenix and they've got three point guards ahead of him. What his options are going to be — will they make a trade or not, would he just play some in the D-League — I don't know. It's hard to tell."

Boeheim once again hyped up the Class of 2015 recruits and alluded to a mystery addition not yet announced...

"The unspoken word there is, on paper as you look at it, it is going to have more highly-rated players than anybody else, especially if we get an additional highly-rated player. I think the ratings on these guys actually are a little low (compared to) where there ability really is. On paper, this class ranks as the best class we've had in terms of their rankings."

Boeheim also talked about how big of a supporter he is of Syracuse Football, even if he couldn't think of Terrel Hunt's name...

"I'm always hopeful. I'm one of the bigger and better fans for Syracuse football. I don't think I've missed a home game in I don't know how many years."

We fact-checked that claim and, well, pants on fire, Jim.

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