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Get To Know Your Orange Man -- #79 OL Taylor Hindy

The offensive lineman transferred this summer from the University of Washington to Syracuse. Let's get to know him.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Taylor Hindy

Position: Offensive lineman

Year: Sophomore (third-year)

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 323

Hometown: West Hills, California

High School: Chaminade College Preparatory

2013 Stats: Hindy played in only two games (against Idaho State and Colorado) last season for Washington.

2014 Projections: Because he's a transfer, it can be expected that Hindy will be ruled ineligible by the NCAA to play in 2014. But, according to, a Syracuse spokesperson said his eligibility is still unconfirmed.

How'd He Get Here: Hindy played his high school football at Chaminade College Preparatory, a private Catholic school in Los Angeles. He was recruited from Chaminade by Washington and officially committed in February 2012, only to redshirt as a freshman and see minimal playing time last season. Now a third-year sophomore, he transferred this summer to Syracuse and is being considered a walk-on.

What'd Recruiting Sites Say: Two stars from Rivals

Money Quote: There weren't many quotes from Hindy to be found, but here's a heartwarming one in an interview with, regarding his biggest influence in life.

"My dad. From the day I was born practically, he was saying I was going to play football. He used to follow me around with his camera and was saying how I was going to play football. He always pushed me to be better and I owe a lot to him."

Link Of Wonder: Hindy served as the team's long snapper while at Chaminade.

Twitter Feed: @TayHindz

Tweet Of Wonder: Unfortunately, Hindy's Twitter is private.

What Does Shafer Think Of Him: Shafer has yet to comment publicly on Hindy.

Interesting Nugget O' Interest: Chaminade Preparatory was also attended by Dave Keuning -- the guitarist for The Killers.

Let's Get A Good Look Atcha: