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Syracuse Daily Links - Terrel Hunt Wants Ten Wins

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Give the man what he wants!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse quarterback Terrel Hunt wants 10 wins | The Juice Online

There was no braggadocio in this statement, rather a matter-of-fact tone of voice delivered Hunt’s words. That word was delivered just as they were when he summed his play last season with another single word, "mediocre."

Brisly Estime Is SU’s Most Exciting Player for the 2014 Season : Orange Fizz

Brisly Estime showed off his blazing speed for Syracuse last season. His darting left to right and north to south helped contribute to the Orange’s solid start in the ACC.

3 Key Position Battles to Watch for in Orange Football Camp : Orange Fizz

With a target of eight wins, Shafer and the rest of his staff must figure out which players will be on the field to give the Orange the best chance of reaching its goal. Some positions are truly wide open.

Syracuse football 14 in '14: Scott Shafer won over SU fans; Can he keep winning games for them? |

Scott Shafer is ready to navigate his second year as head coach of the Orange.

Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer looking for lighter line, shifting away from 'Big Ten style' |

"It's such a fast game in this day and age, especially in the ACC conference," Shafer said. "It's not the old Big Ten-style football we grew up watching where you needed those big, thick bodies. There's a lot of merit to playing with athletic kids that are a little bit lighter. That's the approach we took."

Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim reacts to Paul George's gruesome injury |

"Twelve thousand people held their breath for the whole night after that,'' Boeheim added. "I've never been in a live situation like that where someone goes down that hard.''

Former Syracuse player Scoop Jardine signs deal with pro team in Austria |

Jardine, who played at SU from 2007 to 2012, confirmed his decision via text message. Jardine will play for the UBC Gussing Knights.

Syracuse's Tyler Roberson, B.J. Johnson lead USA team to win in Estonia |

Roberson, a 6-foot-7 sophomore, notched a double-double with 13 points and 11 rebounds. Johnson, also a rising sophomore, scored 16 points and registered seven rebounds.

Former Syracuse basketball forward Kris Joseph will play in France this season |

The former Syracuse University forward, who played last season for Chalon, is moving to Dijon to play this season, he confirmed in a direct message.

Syracuse Football: August 2nd, 2014 | Zack's Opinions

"It got a lot better." This was Hunt’s response when asked how his deep ball looks. Let’s see it in action! Hunt also mentioned the offense plans to throw deep more this year. What a welcome sight it would be if all this is true.

Which colleges have produced the most Pro Football Hall of Famers? -

Syracuse tied with Alabama for sixth all-time with six HOFers.