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Shafer's Theorem: Syracuse Football's Overly-Complex Captain-Picking System

Scott Shafer is super-serious about how Syracuse picks its captains.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not on the Syracuse Orange football team but I think I could hazard a pretty decent guess at who the captains should be. I'm thinking Sean Hickey, Cameron Lynch, Dyshawn Davis and maybe Terrel Hunt or Durell Eskridge. Maybe throw in a Riley Dixon if you're so inclined but it seems fairly straight-forward. Hard to screw that up, I would think.

But that's why I'm not a head football coach. I would leave it to chance and assume this'll work itself out.

Scott Shafer will not leave this to chance. Scott Shafer thinks chance is for losers.

And though stats are, in fact, for losers, they seem to make a fantastic way for choosing the captains of the 2014 Syracuse football team.

Shafer spent a significant portion of Saturday's Media Day detailing the process for picking this year's captains. The process includes a team-wide election with a detailed voting structure.

In Syracuse's election the votes of senior players and coaches will be worth four points each, juniors will be worth three, sophomores will be worth two and freshmen count for one point.

"The freshman, they don't know these guys, and then you're going to give them a chance to vote?" Shafer said.

OK THEN photo 4sy82a.gif


It WOULD be fun if the players conspired to get Ryan Norton, A.J. Long, Evan Jakubowski and Wayne Williams the most votes. "Sorry Coach, the votes have spoken. Jakubowski's the quarterback now..."