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New York's Party College Team: Syracuse Named No. 1 Party School


Brett Carlsen

Congrats, everyone?

Syracuse University has claimed the title of nation's top party school.

The No. 1 ranking was revealed Monday by The Princeton Review based on a nationwide survey of 130,000 students.

Syracuse's student newspaper ranked second best among the 379 colleges surveyed, and its sports scene, rated third best, likely helped the party mood.

I guess?

It's funny, when I was actually at Syracuse, I would have loved to have seen this distinction. I also would have know that it was categorically nonsense, but, still, hooray for us!

At age 36, it makes me cringe. All I can think of is how it'll affect admissions and reputation. I am old.

I would love to know how they determine these things. Is it literally just the school with the most amount of students who say they get drunk a lot?

(And not to be a super Debbie Downer here but we have the third-best college sports scene in the nation??? I love Syracuse, I love Syracuse sports and I love Syracuse fans but based on my limited knowledge of what it's like at other schools, I find that to be even more insane than the party school claim.)

Anyway, the point is, I'm old. Congrats on your house of lies, everyone.