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Syracuse Football Player Power Rankings, Week 1: #RileyDixonForHeisman

A new feature this season, we'll keep track of the best overall players on the Syracuse Football roster based on the results of each game. Perhaps this'll help us determine who the true MVP of the 2014 season will be.

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The 27-26 (2OT) victory by the Syracuse Orange over the Villanova Wildcats wasn't pretty, but there were some positives nestled in there. Out of those positives we can determine who our initial top ten is in the 2014 Syracuse Football Player Power Rankings.

Also Receiving Votes

Terrel Hunt (QB): Before he was ejected for punching a guy, Hunt was doing...decently. 10-of-17 for 94 yards. But, you know, then he punched a dude.

Jarrod West (WR) - Syracuse's top target finished with five catches for 59 yards. His numbers were nearly identical to Broyld but we just keep hoping to see more from the No. 1 wideout. We need that breakout performance and we need it soon.

Marqez Hodge (LB) - Five tackles, 2 TFLs and a sack. Decent showing for the young LB...

The Top Ten...

10. Ashton Broyld (WR) - There was a brief stretch early in the game when it all of a sudden turned into the Ashton Broyld Show and it seemed like he was ready to break out and take over the game. But then he didn't. He finished with five receptions for 57 yards.

9. Kendall Moore (TE) - One reception. One yard. One game-winning touchdown. Moore is starting to develop a reputation for these kinds of plays...

8. Micah Robinson (DL) - Robinson finished the day with six tackles (four unassisted) 2.5 TFLs and a sack. Not a banner day for SU's defensive line but don't lay it at Robinson's feet.

7. Adonis Ameen-Moore (RB) - The Tank got himself a touchdown but his Jerome Bettis-like line of 10 rushes for 19 yards was a bit uncomfortable. For every decent run he had, AAM got stuffed twice. Maybe thrice. Some of that is play-calling (which was just weird late in the game). Hopefully, he's able to find some space more often in the upcoming games. Clearly he's going to get his shot.

6. Austin Wilson (QB) - A for Effort here. While Wilson didn't exactly light the world on fire and spark a QB controversy, he at least proved he's as adept, if not more adept, than Drew Allen looked this time last season. 11-of-17 for 89 yards, Wilson looked slightly better on paper than he did IRL, but it was a surprise first start, so we can allow for some butterflies. Same goes for the post-game presser. Breathe, Austin...

5. Ryan Norton (K) - Maybe a little high but Norton needed to convince SU fans that he's still reliable and he did that, hitting both field goals (including an OT kick) and all three extra points. Feeling better, Norton. Feeling better.

4. Ervin Phillips (KR) - The freshman proved that he's a solid asset on the kick return squad, returning three kicks for 76 total yards. Phillips also recorded a tackle while defending a return. He's gonna break one soon, I can feel it...

3. Prince-Tyson Gulley (RB) - Gulley ran for 100 yards and a touchdown on the day. Sure, the bulk of that came on one 67-yard run but you still gotta appreciate the totals. It looks like Gulley & Ameen-Moore are the new Gulley & Smith, which, so long as George McDonald can start varying up the play-calling, can be a lethal combo.

2. Cameron Lynch (LB) - Lynch might have been single-handedly keeping SU's defense competitive. He had a total of fifteen tackles (12 unassisted). The next-best tackler only had seven. It was rough watching Villanova slice up our defense but it could have been a whole lot worse if Cam wasn't there.

1. Riley Dixon (P/QB) - For a brief time, Riley was the ACC leader in touchdown passes. Think about that. Not only did he have his usual great punting effort (don't think we can blame the PR TD on him) but he also sealed the victory with a fake field goal touchdown pass in the 2nd OT. Dixon said afterward he "blacked out" and that he didn't remember the play or the aftermath. He will when he sees the footage during the Heisman Trophy ceremony in a few months...