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2014 Syracuse Football Opening Weekend Catch-Up Update Extravaganza

Everything that went on this weekend involving Syracuse Football...

Andrew will be checking in shortly with quotes and learnings from Syracuse Orange football's initial media day of the 2014 season. In the meantime, here's some notable updates and developments worth knowing.

Obviously you've heard by now that Das Boot's career is das done. Ross Krautman ended after a hip injury that prevented him from playing last season didn't heal properly. Obviously it's a shame for Ross as he was in line to get his kicking career back on track. Without him, the Orange are in #NextManUp mode not with placekicking. Ryan Norton is the man for now but we're always one Bud Light tall boy away from trouble.

Where have you gone, Charley Loeb? Syracuse's Best-Looking Placeholder of all Time is gone and they need to find a replacement. So far, Riley Dixon and Darius Kelly (?) have emerged as candidates. Kelly makes more sense when you realize his speed could be essential for trick plays, or at least teasing them.

Luke Arciniega was present, accounted for, in uniform and practicing. That's good news considering his season seemed to be in limbo following hip surgery. But, it's not an official decision by any means.

Troy Green is buried on the QB depth chart and that doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon. So, like many QBs before him, he's trying out a new position. Troy, Son of Tim, has been working out with wide receivers. Of course, that's not exactly a position brimming with openings either, but, it's certainly a place more likely to earn him some playing time down the road. Nate Mink notes that it's a path similar to the one John Kinder took before transferring.

Syracuse welcomes three new walk-ons to the team this week: OL Taylor Hindy, OL Keaton Darney and DT Rony-Andre Charles.. Hindy is the most notable as he transferred to SU from Washington where he spent two seasons on the squad. He appeared in two games for UW, likely in blowout time. His eligibility is currently unconfirmed.

The big shocker on the pre-camp depth chart was seeing Omari Palmer listed ahead of incumbent Omari Palmer Rob Trudo. Did Palmer out-play Trudo? Was it just a mental gut check by the coaches? Trudo's trying to be phased by it, telling Stephen Bailey that "We've got seven guys who can play, five spots. I don't view myself behind Omari. Omari's a good player, Nick's a good player, John Miller's a good player, but I'm also a good player." But, literally, he is. So...

Highly-touted and much-discussed incoming SU player Wayne Williams showed up for camp 40 pounds lighter than when he arrived at SU in January. The Brooklyn native says he's dropped his "Brooklyn Bodega" diet of eating crap and sticking to healthier options. Keep it up, Swaggercuse.

Julian Whigham has put last season's scary injury behind him and seems ready to go in 2014. He says he's fully rehabbed and doesn't have plans to wear any extra padding to protect his chest.

Nate Mink noted that Jamal Custis will end up wearing No. 81 this season, which had originally been earmarked for K.J. Williams. : (

Finally, one member of SU Football had their arm in a sling on Sunday. Defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough, who recently needed surgery on a nagging injury from his playing days.