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Syracuse QB Terrel Hunt Ejected For Punching Villanova Player

Yep. That happened.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

During the week, I mentioned that there were two reasons we might see Austin Wilson under center during the game against the Villanova Wildcats. If Terrel Hunt plays really well or if Terrel Hunt plays really bad. Apparently I forgot about one.

If Terrel Hunt punches a guy.

Up 10-7 with 3:24 left before halftime, Hunt didn't like the way he was tackled by linebacker Joey Harmon and decided to let him know. Considering he ends up punching Harmon's helmet, it's a rather dumb way to let him know.

Hunt was ejected from the game and will likely face suspension and/or further punishment from the NCAA as well as Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer.

It's a shocking turn of events considering how much we've heard about what a leader Hunt has turned into. Given how unsettled Syracuse's backup quarterback situation is, it's even more concerning.

Austin Wilson is under center, presumably for the rest of the game.