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Syracuse Football: Orange Release Week 1 Depth Chart vs. Villanova

Syracuse has released its week one depth chart for Friday night's Villanova game. Let's see what it looks like...

Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, we're playing a football game on Friday! Against Villanova. At the Carrier Dome. And it counts toward the 2014 standings. YESSSS!!!

Obviously Syracuse needs players in order to face the Wildcats, and that's where the week one depth chart comes in. The Orange released that this morning, giving you all you need to know on who is and isn't suiting up for Syracuse Friday night:


(via's Stephen Bailey; click to embiggen)


So what does this tell us?

  • Steve Ishmael is going to be a huge factor early as you can see by his appearance right behind Jarrod West on the wideout depth chart.
  • It appears Ivan Foy's managed to re-obtain his starting spot at right tackle. However, Nick Robinson is out, and that throws Omari Palmer into the starting lineup at left guard.
  • Kendall Moore is listed as the starting tight end (not shocking), but with Jamal Custis right behind him, expect both to see the field.
  • No Mitch Kimble on the QB depth chart...
  • No surprise on the three starting linebackers, but no Luke Arciniega on the depth chart means he's probably not ready to come back. That's a bummer, but hopefully another couple weeks of rest before the second game helps.
  • Ryan Norton.. I had a dream last night that you missed three field goals and an extra point. Please don't make that come true.

Anything else raise some flags? Either way, these are our guys for Friday, and we're wishing them all the best of luck in the season opener.