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#CuseTixForKids Update: Halfway Home to Giving Away SU Football Tickets

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We've lined up three charities for the season tickets but we need to find three more.


With a week to go before the start of the 2014 Syracuse Orange football season, it's probably a good time to answer the question, "What's up with #CuseTixForKids and who's using the tickets?"

Let's delve in.

As a reminder, we raised enough money to purchase 20 season tickets in Section 323 for all six home games in the Carrier Dome as well as a food voucher for each person. Our plan is to distribute tickets and vouchers for each game to a different charity so that kids and others who couldn't otherwise attend a game will get the chance.

First, we currently have three games accounted for.

Friday, October 3 vs. LouisvilleHuntington Family Centers
Saturday, October 11 vs. Florida StateMary Nelson Youth Center
Saturday, November 8 vs. DukeBoys & Girls Clubs of Syracuse

That leaves three games we need to fill.

Friday, August 29 vs. Villanova
Saturday, September 20 vs. Maryland
Saturday, November 1 vs. North Carolina State

You may have noticed one of those games is rapidly approaching. We've got some emails and calls out to a couple charities but I'm all for any help anyone might have in lining up a participant quickly. Either share some info in the comments or contact me via email/Twitter.

The people we've spoken with are pretty excited about the games. Let's keep it going!