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ACC Football Coach Hot Seat Ratings for 2014

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Which ACC football coaches appear to be on the hostseat for 2014?

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I'm going to preface this with the fact that I believe these are incredibly subjective and vague, and made even more so by odd half-number figures, but nonetheless, it's a jumping off point for a further conversation. CBS's Dennis Dod has put together his annual College Football Coach Hot Seat Ratings, rating all 128 FBS coaches in terms of job security.

Like I said, plenty of issues with methodology here (we'll get there after looking at all of the ACC coaches), but use this as a baseline for what's expected of these coaches this fall, as well as the state of some of these programs, too.

Per Dodd, the ratings break down as follows:

  • 0-.5: Can't be touched
  • 1-1.5: Very safe, change unlikely
  • 2-2.5: Safe, but you never know
  • 3-3.5: Starting to feel the pressure
  • 4-4.5: Warm, better start winning
  • 5: Hot seat! Win or be fired

So without any further time wasted, his rankings for ACC coaches (all images via the article on CBS Sports). The first column is for the numbers of years with the program, second column is W-L record, third is 2014 rating and fourth is 2013 rating (for comparison):
















Confused? You should be, because I certainly am. A rundown of thoughts/complaints:

  • Virginia should be a 5, if we're playing along. Because Mike London is screwed unless he makes a bowl game.
  • Georgia Tech: No way Paul Johnson is relatively safe. He's settled into a 7-5ish wheelhouse and recruiting has fallen off a cliff.
  • On the same note in the 2.5 range, Al Golden is incredibly safe there as the NCAA heat disappears in Miami and he continues to recruit at a fairly high level.
  • WHY THE HELL IS SCOTT SHAFER AT A 2?!?! At a 1 last year, he managed to get this team to a bowl, and improved recruiting to heights unseen in a decade. And yet, his job appears less safe than before. We have more to say here...
  • Pitt and Boston College find their respective coaches on much safer ground than Shafer is at Syracuse somehow. If anything, wouldn't those three schools be about even? What makes Chryst (a .500 coach) and Addazio (same record as Shafer) on so much easier footing?


So what do you think? I'm of the opinion that Shafer is safe to the fullest extent he can be, though like ANY other coach on this list, he'll be let go if he finishes 0-12 (makes these rankings even more nonsensical than they already were). These sorts of lists are nice offseason fodder, but I can't be the only person confused by how these rankings came to be, can I?

Weigh in below, as I'm sure there are plenty of additional thoughts here.