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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: Syracuse Football 2014 Season Preview

Ignored our other ACC team previews? Well, hopefully this one is a little more to your liking...

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Hey, look at this! We're previewing a football team that you're very emotionally invested in. The Syracuse Orange! The 15th-winningest college program of all-time, 1959 National Champions, 5-time conference champs -- your team. I know it might have seemed like a long road to get here, but we're actually talking about Syracuse football. Rejoice from your respective computer/iPod/iPhone.

Today, John Cassillo and Dan Lyons talk about SU Football a ton, while somehow saying very little about Terrel Hunt -- not that we don't appreciate our quarterback, of course. Some other discussion topics include:

  • We've got FIVE running backs this season; how's everyone getting carries?
  • Play-calling: Bubble screens are nice, but we need to involve tight ends more
  • You think this year's linebackers are great, just wait 'till next year...
  • An offensive line with seven capable starters is a pretty nice problem to have
  • This year's special teams: special, or "special"?
  • It's actually much easier to talk yourself into Syracuse winning eight games than you think
  • Here's everyone else's postseason predictions for SU. We offer ours too.

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Plan accordingly: This podcast is about 90 minutes long. And contrary to what usually happens around here, we actually stay on topic the entire time.

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