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Syracuse Football: SS Josh Mims Leaves Orange Program

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This is becoming a far too common occurrence over the past couple weeks...

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently the great Syracuse offseason player diaspora is not over yet. Yesterday, Scott Shafer announced that junior strong safety Josh Mims will be concluding his football career in order to focus on academics.

According to Shafer:

"He came in and decided he was going to hang up his cleats. He’s got 22 credit hours to graduate. He’s going to try and knock them out this semester and it’s in his best interest financially, so tough deal for him and same thing, keeping him in our thoughts."

That's a major bummer, and you hate to see kids have to make those types of choices. While Mims wasn't necessarily supposed to break out this year, having depth in the secondary has been key in recent seasons given the amount of injuries Syracuse has experienced there.

Obviously they're all unrelated issues, but this is now the third player to leave the Orange football program this week, behind Alex Schoen and Evan Jakubowski's respective departures. Unlike those two, however, it seems that Mims will remain at Syracuse University.


Again, this is unfortunate, but Mims is doing what he feels is best for him. Totally respect his decision, and wish him the best.

Obligatory: #NextManUp