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Syracuse Football: Walk-On Punter Evan Jakubowski Leaves Orange Program

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Before his Syracuse career even starts, the freshman walk-on is gone...

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

It was with "much" fanfare that freshman punter Evan Jakubowski elected to walk on at Syracuse, and now before the season begins, he's already off the team.

As first reported by Mike McAllister at CuseNation on, the athletic department confirmed last night that Jakubowski is no longer with the team -- though no reason has been made available just yet. The Illinois product had originally selected Syracuse over Missouri, Indiana and Miami (OH) because of the former's sterling communications reputation (obligatory: Newhouse grad being a Newhouse grad here).

The move is surprising at this juncture, since he's only been on campus for a short time. And since he's listed right behind Ray Guy Award candidate Riley Dixon on the depth chart, it would seem he was the "next man up."


Whether Jakubowski stays at Syracuse or not, we wish him the best. And just for posterity, the song I was happy to welcome him with just a few weeks ago: