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The Great Syracuse Football Paintball War of 2014 is Over

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SU players got the chance to get back at all those mean men who have been making them do push-ups.

Coach Doaust...doused.
Coach Doaust...doused.
Cole Dial

After an intense week of training under military conditions, there was only thing left for the Syracuse Orange football team to do. Faux-murder one another.

And so, the traditional Fort Drum Practice Paintball Game (copyright pending) happened today. It got, uh, intense...

"It felt good, I’m not going to lie," [Rob] Welsh said. "When [Coach Daoust] ran over the barricade that I was hiding under, I said it had to be him, so I got up and I saw it was him and I kept shooting. I think I emptied my paintball gun."


"We just wanted to light the coaches up the best we could," said senior defensive lineman Robert Welsh. "To be honest, if we got hit we were going to stay in and keep shooting."

Guys, can we get Rob Welsh a counselor or something?