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Syracuse Football Practice Catch-Up: A.J. Long Emerging, Adly Enoicy May Return Soon

Fort Drum Week is over. What did we learn?

Brian Dwyer


A.J. Long missed the team's scrimmage this week as he recovers from a shoulder injury. But what's really interesting is the fact that Coach Shafer admitted Long has outplayed his Backup QB counterparts in recent days. Could the freshman end up nipping on Terrel Hunt's heels after all? Shafer said the team has no timetable on when the QB depth chart will be decided and could bleed into the season. In the meantime, Coach Lester wants Long to work on his patience and downfield throwing.


Ervin Phillips and Jamal Custis won't see too much action on the field this season, at least not unless something catastrophic happens, but the duo continue to impress Shafer. Phillips also did some work on punt coverage.


Good news for Adly Enoicy. The freshman's injury initially sounded like a season-ender. But following surgery on his Dreaded LBI, Coach Shafer says the frosh could be back in a couple weeks.

"They think he'll be back pretty quick," Shafer said. "I hate to put a timetable on it, but I've seen kids get back in under a couple, three weeks there. So hopefully quicker than that."

Shafer seems pretty happy with Jarrod West and Ashton Broyld so far. Good. Broyld appeared to be Hunt's favorite receiver during the scrimmage.


Josh Parris was Hunt's favorite TE target during the scrimmage.


Zaire Franklin stood out this week with some key stops and tackles during the scrimmage.

Dyshawn Davis had some issues early on in practice but ended up making up for it by delivering a hammer-shot to converted-WR Troy Green.


Freshman safety Rodney Williams is making a serious case for playing time so far this Fall. He made some great plays, including an interception, during the scrimmage.

Converted DB Corey Winfield is getting taken to the woodshed by Jarrod West. West beat him a bunch of times during the scrimmage.


Riley Dixon's kicks are looking good. But then again you already knew that.

Ryan Norton went 4-for-4 on field goals, hitting two from 27 yards and two from 37. Dixon was the holder on all four kicks.