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Syracuse Football: The Computers Foretell of Beef and/or Military Glory

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The computers say we're going 6-6. So that's that.

Bob Levey

Pretty soon, the computers are going to rise up and enslave us all. That's a given. But until they do, they're working on the next-best-thing.

Predicting the outcome of the upcoming college football season. played the entire 2014 college football season 50,000 times and they've figured out exactly how everything is going to play out.

In terms of the Syracuse Orange, good news! We're going to finish 6-6 and play the East Carolina Pirates in the Beef O'Brady Bowl. Wait, is that good news? That sounds like good news if this were 2011. Still, #QuestForBeef fulfilled!

What's weird is that that prediction was sent via email but when you go to the actual PredictionMachine website, they say that SU will in fact go to the Military Bowl and take on the Connecticut Huskies. Either way, it all sounds so thrilling.

The site says SU finishes as the 48th-best team in the nation in terms of Power Rank and that Brisly Estime will be our Breakout Star.

The simulation says Florida State will demolish North Carolina in the ACC Championship Game (sure). N.C. State also finishes 6-6 while Boston College finishes closer to 4-8, only slightly better than Wake Forest. Point and laugh.

FSU also repeats as National Champion, defeating Oregon in the title game. The Seminoles beat Ohio State while the Ducks topple Alabama in the playoff semifinals.

Well, that's it. No need to play the season now. See you guys in 2015.