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Complicated College Basketball Schedules: Crowdsourced by the Internet

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We've been talking about Syracuse's schedule a lot lately. This is less about that...

Stanley Chou

Syracuse basketball added Colgate to the schedule yesterday, giving them 12 non-conference dates, with the potential for one more out there (a definite home game). I'd mentioned Cornell's a likely add, but the Orange obviously aren't tethered to that. We know how these things work for SU, and a Big Red add is probably a safe bet under those rules. But how do those other games get filled out, both for Syracuse and other programs across the country?

Ends up college basketball programs are just like the rest of us when they have a problem they want to solve: They just go to the internet to find a solution.

As tweeted out by @NoEscalators, just head to, and gaze in wonder at the way these scheduling agreements come about. Ever wonder how Louisiana Tech ends up on Syracuse's schedule? Or how Prebysterian and/or Furman ends up on Duke's slate? Well, it's all there for you in black and white. Teams post what they need scheduling-wise, and then allow others to get in contact with them about meeting those needs. So when I see this:


... That sure makes me think Cornell's still in play, even if it was posted in March. But just playing along, let's see some other games that fit the bill, assuming Syracuse is likely looking for a team with around 100-150 RPI for a one-off home date (all things the site allows you to find qualifiers for). Some options (based on most recent posts):

Nothing. Which is odd. I doubt SU is looking for a team for a home-and-home (though I guess we could?), and most of those destinations also seem unlikely. I mean, can you see us visiting Northeastern, Murray State or St. Mary's (CA)? Didn't think so.


So while it's fun to take a look at this hypothetical, it doesn't reveal any real clues about Syracuse's final opponent just yet. Maybe next year we take a look at this a bit earlier and we'll find some real hints...