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#CuseTixForKids Fundraiser in Syracuse This Saturday for MetLife Game

We've got the six home games in the Carrier Dome taken care of. But let's raise some money to do the same thing for the MetLife "home" game.

Couple updates on the #CuseTixForKids front.

1. The checks are in the mail to Syracuse's ticket office to secure our 20 season tickets for every 2014 Syracuse Orange football home game. We'll have that squared away shortly and we'll start coordinating with local charities to see who will be using the tickets. Thanks again to everyone who donated. After the processing fees were deducted, we ended up almost perfectly at our initial goal.

2. So what about the game at MetLife Stadium against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish? Surely kids want to go see that game while wearing orange, no? Well, Syracuse MBA student Liam Torppey has kindly offered to take the lead along with his MBA program to raise money and put together a fundraiser with that mission. They're hosting a party this Saturday, August 16 between 7-9pm at Benjamin's on Franklin. A $5 donation gets you in the door where you'll get dollar-off-drinks all night long. You were probably gonna go out anyway, you might as well do some good while drinking.

Oh and Otto himself (itself?) will be making an appearance. Show up to say hi and get your picture taken with the legend himself (itself).

Show up to say hi to your fellow TNIAAMers, fellow Syracuse fans and fellow supporters of #CuseTixForKids.

As far as how to help if you can't make the fundraiser (or live across the country), we'll figure that out.