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Wait, What?: ESPN Blogger Says Syracuse Should Win 7 or 8 Games in 2014

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Hell hath frozen over today...

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since our Big East days, the Syracuse fan base has kind of taken issue with the opinions of's Andrea Adelson. It's nothing personal (well, for some, maybe it has been), but it's always been difficult for us Orange-folk to sit back and let someone doubt our revival as a program. We're revived now, by the way, and people are sort of coming around to the idea. Even the least expected people...

Pick your jaw up off the floor yet? You read that right. Andrea Adelson, long-time SU "nemesis" and non-believer in all things Marrone, Shafer and Orange, thinks this is a seven- or eight-win team this season! That's what WE think this team can be. Does that mean we're right in our thinking? Or, does that indicate we're completely off in our opinions instead?

I'm willing to embrace the former, but the latter is still in play, unfortunately. Still, this means one thing for sure:

Congrats, gang! The Great War of 2010-2014 is over. We won, and will now observe the appropriate detente with the Family Adelson and ESPN's ACC Blog. Rejoice rings throughout the land as we end our battle as victors, and...

... You know what? Nevermind.

(H/T @CusePulpTashmo and @TheJuiceOnline)