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Podcast: College Football Season Preview With Athlon's Steven Lassan

John's joined by Athlon's Steven Lassan to discuss the 2014 college football season.

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Syracuse is one of 128 schools sponsoring the highest level of football. So despite our Orange-centric viewpoint around here, sometimes it pays to chat about those other 127 colleges and universities. I know I thoroughly enjoy it as a fan of college football as a whole, and many others do as well.

But our expertise outside of SU only travels so far, which is where special guests come in handy. And today's is certainly qualified to talk about each and every one of football's programs, from Alabama and Florida State, to Idaho and Georgia State. Athlon Sports' Steven Lassan stops by for an hour to preview the entire college football season, the College Football Playoff, the repercussions of last week's O'Bannon ruling and more. Also, if you haven't grabbed your copy already, be sure to check out this year's ACC preview edition of Athlon on shelves or via their web store, where you can certainly find a familiar face on the front cover (see above):

An overview of specific topics of today's podcast, for those interested:

  • Why teams scheduling tough opponents 10 years out may be jumping the gun
  • The auto-bid to an access bowl sets up a "mini-playoff" within the Group of Five
  • Polls are pointless, yet powerful, and still rely on brand recognition
  • The Big 12 inviting West Virginia over Louisville still makes zero sense
  • Economics of college football: Money-making "enterprises" will get squeezed in future
  • Discussing dark horse College Football Playoff contenders and surprise story lines for 2014

Plan accordingly: This podcast is about an hour long. And we actually stay on topic the whole time, so strap in for 63 straight minutes of football.

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