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Syracuse Recruiting: Breaking Down the Tight End Situation

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Is there a future in the TE position at Syracuse?

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In the last few weeks, we’ve broken down the recruiting situation at QBRB, and WR. Today, we’re going to look at the TE situation, dissect the committed recruits, and see what we’re looking at moving forward.

On Campus

Josh Parris, Redshirt Sophomore

Kendall Moore, True Sophomore

Tyler Provo, Redshirt Freshman

PJ Batten, Redshirt Freshman

2015 Recruits


Moving Forward

Tight End is a very interesting position moving forward for this team. When Doug Marrone was still here and the TE was very much a focal point of the offense, we were able to land Josh Parris and Tyler Provo. However, since Marrone has left, there’s been a major shift in the recruiting philosophy at the position. Kendall Moore was a kid the staff told could play TE as a freshman with a long-term outlook as a tackle. PJ Batten was recruited to play as a hybrid WR/TE.

We didn’t recruit a true tight end in this class outside of Chris Clark, who was an unknown talent when we offered him under HCDM a few years ago. Clark exploded into a 5 star recruit that is now arguably the best TE in the country (add that to the list of kids our staff has unearthed). I really don’t see a future for the TE position in the Syracuse offense. However, we may run some sets with a tight end over the next few seasons to take advantage of some pretty good players in Parris and Moore.

The TE position at Syracuse is being phased into the "Y" position, a hybrid WR/TE position. This is where kids like PJ Batten, Adly Enoicy, Jamal Custis, and West Lindor will be playing moving forward. I don’t think you’ll see us recruit a true TE as long as George McDonald’s offense remains in place. Don’t expect to see any offers out to tight ends in 2016.