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Syracuse Football: WR Corey Cooper Announces He Will Transfer

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The curious case of Corey Cooper comes to a close for Cuse.

Jonathan Daniel

Maybe Syracuse shouldn't have moved Corey Winfield from wide receiver to defensive back so soon.

What was up until recently an extremely-deep Syracuse Orange WR unit seems to be depleting by the day.

First came word that both Keenan Hale and Adly Enoincy were done for the year with Dreaded LBIs.

Then came word that Sean Avant and Corey Cooper both missed practice this week with Dreaded UBIs.

And now comes news that Cooper is transferring from SU immediately. He made the announcement on his Instagram account Wednesday night:

It's been a long, strange road for Cooper and I suppose it couldn't end any other way. Cooper originally came to SU as the best recruit of the Class of 2013failed to qualify academically, eventually joined SU and was approaching a season in which he would probably see a limited role or possibly redshirt. No need now.

Fare thee well, Corey. Good luck in your endeavors.