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Baye Moussa Keita Signs With Danish Horsens IC Basketball

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The former Orange big man finds himself a landing spot... in Denmark.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

I can't find the video, but you probably remember when Baye Moussa Keita was an An Absolute Tour Guide around Syracuse for ESPN's cameras last year. The thought was we'd all watch the former Orange center travel around the world and tell us about the local sights and sounds of new cities and countries. Well, we may be one step closer to realizing that dream.

According to the Horsens IC Basketball's Facebook page, Keita is officially a member of the team now (possibly retroactive to August 4). You probably have a TON of questions now. So do I, but I'll try to answer yours below, and hope they overlap with mine:

  • What's a Horsens IC? Well, Horsen is actually a city in Denmark. Other articles referred to the team as "Forum Horsens," but that's actually just the shorthand name of the arena (CASA Arena Horsens, also known as Forum Horsens). Horsens IC is short for "Horsens Idræts Club." Yes, we're still struggling with Euro team naming conventions over here (or perhaps they're struggling with U.S. naming conventions?)
  • What league are they in? The highest basketball league in the land, of course! BasketLigaen! They finished fourth last season.
  • Who else is on the team? There's a full roster here (in English), but Keita is one of several former U.S. college players to suit up for Horsens IC this coming season. Others include Skylar Bowlin and Marquis Addison (both Missouri Southern).
  • Will he start? Yes! He's currently listed as the team's starting center.

So yeah, great news for Baye, who deserves a shot to keep playing if he can. Also of note (as pointed out on "one of the most legendary colleges in the United States." They've obviously read the Princeton Review lately (natch).


Good luck, Baye! And thanks for giving us a reason to care about BasketLigaen! From now on, "gå Horsens IC!"