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Syracuse Football: WRs Keenan Hale, Adly Enoicy Going In for Surgery

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Remember that large stable of wide receivers Syracuse has? Well, we might be subtracting two from that group...

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

As you may recall, Syracuse has a slew of young wideouts. Well, two of them -- Keenan Hale and Adly Enoicy -- may not be around this season now after it was announced they'll need surgery for dreaded LBIs...

What's an "LBI" you ask? For the uninitiated, the Orange do not specify exactly WHERE injuries are, just in the general region of the body they may occur. So in the case of Hale and Enoicy, these are simply "lower body injuries" with no further detail. This has been going on since at least the Doug Marrone regime started (if not longer), and has continued under Scott Shafer.

For Hale, this a huge bummer since he missed all of last season with an LBI -- a torn ACL. While he was far down on the depth chart, he's been with the program long enough that he could have potentially jumped into the lineup and quickly adjusted. Enoicy, on the other hand, was a redshirt candidate this year, and now, I wouldn't doubt it if that ends up getting used up. Regardless of the severity of the injury, it could be beneficial for him to sit the year and be fully recovered, while learning from the veterans on the roster.

The school has not provided further details on the injuries, or timelines for the surgeries or recoveries. They have not been ruled out for the season, but well... it wouldn't surprise me if they're out for the season.


Can't find much on Hale -- in terms of coach opinions -- though Shafer seems to be a big fan of Enoicy's. With luck, this sort of setback is just a slight bump in the road, and he can deliver on that potential either later this season or (more likely) next season.