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Are You Following The Whole @NunesMagician Crew On Twitter?

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Are you following TNIAAM on Twitter?

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As the 2014-2015 academic year draws closer, I thought it might be a good time to check in and make sure you're following all of the right Twitterfeeds for folks. So here they are: 

Sean Keeley: 

John Cassillo: 

Jared Smith (who swears he's coming back to us): 

Matt McClusky (Captain Thinkpiece): 

Dan Lyons: 

Jeremy Ryan (Whom we sacrifice to Boeheim): 

Sean Farrell (FB): 

Lisa Nelson: 

Ben Norowski/Football Recruiting: 

The Invisible Swordsman: 

Chris Daughtrey: 

Jim Simmons (MLAX): 

Matt Constas: 

Nat Saviet (XC): 

Matthew Burke (FH/WLAX): 

Steve Haller:

You probably also noticed one change in particular...that I now have a Twitterfeed separate from the Nunes Magician one. Let me explain...

No, I'm not hanging up the tights or anything. I'm still ready to go for another season of Syracuse-related nuttery. But I've recently realized that along with writing about Syracuse, I also really like writing about other things. Believe it or not, I have interests outside of what Jim Boeheim says. I know. Crazy. Sometimes I want to write about random stuff like podcasts or the series finale of The Killing and promoting that kind of stuff through a Twitterfeed dedicated solely to SU sports seems strange. Not to mention that sometimes I really don't want to #StickToSports and it's a whole lot easier to throw down about whatever I want to talk about in my own forum, so to speak.

I'll still tweet out through the @NunesMagician feed and it'll still tweet out all updates, but I'll probably start moving any non-SU stuff over to the other feed.

And while we're at it, feel free to add your Twitterfeed in the comments so everyone else in the community can follow you as well. If you want that. If you don't, screw you.