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Syracuse Football Practice Catch-Up: FanFest & Saturday's Scrimmage

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FanFest and a team scrimmage were held this weekend, how'd it all go?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Shafer

Talkin' practice...


Terrel Hunt's deep ball looked pretty good on Saturday.

As Stephen Bailey saw it, Austin Wilson looked good, Mitch Kimble looked so-so and A.J. Long looked like a freshman.

No one's quite sure whats up with Alin Edouard but the freshman QB remains in Florida with his family and there's no timetable for his return to the squad. His Twitterfeed, which is just a series of generic motivational quotes, offers no help.

Do you like short passes and screens? You're gonna love Syracuse's offense.


This one goes back to Friday but Brisly Estime suffered a sprained ankle and missed the Saturday scrimmage. Shafer didn't seem too bothered and said the team will just take it slow with the speedster.

Adonis Ameen-Moore proved this weekend that, despite the weight loss, he's still a tough guy to tackle.


Sean Avant, who mad a splash during FanFest with a highlight catch near the end zone, continues to rise up the depth chart. Terrel Hunt says Avant is the best route-runner on the team. Shafer's a big fan as well:

"He's always caught the ball really well," Shafer said. "He's not a speed demon, but he's fast enough. He finds windows and sits in them and catches the ball extremely well off his body."


Your FanFest First-Team OLLT Sean Hickey, LG Omari Palmer, C John Miller, RG Rob Trudo, RT Ivan Foy

Nick Robinson was held out of the FanFest scrimmage as he recovers from a sprained ankle.


Despite initial concerns, Corey Winfield is reveling in his switch from WR to DB. Shafer says Winfield is "starting to do some things," which is super-vague but also makes a lot of sense.