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Buffalo Beats Syracuse To The New York State Field Logo Punch

The Bulls are up to their old New York State antics again...

Make fun of DOC Gross's New York's College Team slogan at your own peril. It has spawn imitations from St. John'sRutgersUConn and SUNY Buffalo. The Buffalo Bulls took things up a notch last year when started emphasizing New York over Buffalo on their jerseys and plastering New York on their basketball court. Just in case you were thinking they were done, now they've gone and New Yorked their football field, too.

Similar to the floor in Alumni Arena, the field design will feature the name of the university and an outline of the State of New York at midfield. The end zones will be royal blue with the word "Bulls" in white letters outlined in gray. The interlocking UB as well as the Mid-American Conference shield also will be featured on the 25-yard lines.

It's a move that the folks at Bull Run predicted, whether they meant to or not.

Why they don't just rename themselves New York State University at this point, I don't know (I mean, I DO know, know?).

So what will Syracuse's response be? Will DOC find a way to remake the Carrier Dome field into a New York State shape? Will we start wearing a godawful "state pride" uniform like Maryland? Or will we just put up 27 New York's College Team billboards all over Erie County?

So long as this doesn't mean we up the ante and create an orange turf field, I'm fine with all the other options...