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Syracuse Daily Links - Shafer Speeds Things Up, Pickard Picks Wisky

While the Syracuse Football recruiting process has sped up, it wasn't fast enough to snag the NJ recruit.

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Syracuse University Athletics - Cuse TV: Behind the Scenes at ESPN

Syracuse football head coach Scott Shafer took part in the ESPN ACC Coaches "Car Wash" on Monday at ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut.

Syracuse football QB coach Tim Lester recalls how he met Scott Shafer |

"And now he's in my face. 'There's a quarterback in this league at Western Michigan that will put that ball in there and make you look like crap.' And then, he's like (calmly), 'I'm Coach Shafer, I coach the secondary.' I got all scared because he's coming at me, but he knew who I was. So I shook his hand, but I was laughing."

Syracuse football head coach Scott Shafer reveals how he's sped up the Orange's recruiting process |

Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer discusses the changes he's made to SU's recruiting process that have helped the team get off to one of its fastest starts ever.

Agent: Former Syracuse player C.J. Fair wants to go to training camp with NBA team |

C.J. Fair rejected a $200,000 offer from a European team that his former agent secured. He wants to go to an NBA team's training camp.

Syracuse football 14 in '14: Schedule leaves little room for error |'s Brent Axe examines the SU football schedule as part of the 14 in '14 series.

Syracuse basketball's honored jerseys: Who has worn them after the ceremony? |

Syracuse doesn't retire numbers. The school honors jerseys. But who wears a number after it's been honored? It's happened rarely.

Syracuse football recruiting: New Jersey DE/TE Jake Pickard chooses Wisconsin over Orange, others |

Without Pickard, the Orange still has defensive ends Dana Levine and Brandon Ginnetti verbally committed to the Class of 2015.

Syracuse's Tyler Roberson, B.J. Johnson begin Europe trip with USA East Coast team |

Syracuse's Tyler Roberson and B.J. Johnson will practice with their new USA East Coast teammmates today in New York City.

Which College-Football Coaches Are the Biggest Chatterboxes? - WSJ

Scott Shafer really loves his "guys."

A 3-0 start for Syracuse football would place them in rarefied air | The Juice Online

In the last 40 seasons, how many Syracuse football teams have started the season 3-0? A careful examination will show that during this time period, only the 1975, 87 and 91 teams achieved this feat. If you throw in the 1967 team, then it’s four times in 48 years.