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Syracuse Recruiting: Breaking Down the Quarterback Situation

What prototype is Syracuse looking for at the QB position in this recruiting class and beyond?

Bob Levey

In the next few weeks, I’ll be breaking down each position, based on the current players on campus, the recruits in the 2015 class. I’ll also breakdown what characteristics we’re looking for in the position to fit the "prototype" at SU and see who we're looking at that fits that mold. We start this series at Quarterback.

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On Campus

  • Terrel Hunt, Redshirt Junior
  • Mitch Kimble, Redshirt Freshman
  • Austin Wilson, Redshirt Freshman
  • AJ Long, True Freshman
  • Alin Edouard, True Freshman

2015 Recruits

None – Since we have four quarterbacks with at least four years to spend on campus, and an incumbent QB that has two years left (unless he has a ridiculous season), there was no need for Syracuse to recruit a QB this cycle, as Tim Lester stated the other day.

Moving Forward

Syracuse has tried to stick to a certain prototype for their quarterbacks since Coach George McDonald took over as Offensive Coordinator at the beginning of 2013. Every QB on the roster is a dual-threat (although some more than others), but have pass first tendencies. This will allow Syracuse to run the zone read offense we saw last season and will see even more of this year.

The quarterbacks we are recruiting in 2016 are all over 6’2’’ as rising juniors, which give them the size that we’re looking for at the position. Syracuse’s best chance lies with Sonny Abramson (@SonnyAbramson), a dual threat for Pope John XXIII HS in New Jersey. Abramson is comfortable in the open field and rolling out in the pocket, and has an excellent arm. Keep an eye on him moving forward. While he’ll be tougher to land because of his offer sheet, Jarrett Guarantano (@Guarantano18) is another pass-first dual threat QB comfortable running the zone read.

The other QBs are a bit more interesting because they’re square pegs for a round hole. Jake Zembiec (@jakezembiec), despite the fact he’s from right down the thruway in Rochester, will most likely end up at PSU, but is a pro-style QB anyways. Jamesville-Dewitt’s own Jack Brotzki (@JBrotzki13) is also a pro-style QB, but Syracuse was his first offer. It will be interesting to see how their recruitments progress into next year, and where the priorities for Coach Tim Lester lie.

I’d predict we’ll only be taking one QB in that class unless one of the current crop decides to transfer or change positions, but the position is very secure in 2015.