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What Ever Happened To Syracuse's 1990 Lacrosse National Title Trophy?

While there's a difference of opinion over whether or not SU is allowed to call themselves the 1990 National Champion, one thing is one knows what happened to the actual trophy.

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Surely you know the story of how Syracuse's 1990 National Title in lacrosse was officially vacated by the NCAA following news that Roy Simmons Jr.'s wife had co-signed on a car loan for star Paul Gait, a secondary violation under their bylaws.

Surely you also know that Syracuse doesn't recognize the NCAA's ruling. Ask us and we still have eleven National Titles, not ten. Also, ask us and we'll tell you the 1990 Syracuse Orange lacrosse team was the best to ever rip rope.

But did you ever wonder what exactly happened to the National Title trophy afterward? It's such a mystery that there's a documentary coming out hoping to answer the question...

The Lost Trophy TEASER TRAILER from American ED TV on Vimeo.

Kinda hard to find any further info out there about the doc except that it's apparently made by AmericanEDtv. Whatever the case, it appears to required viewing for any and all Syracuse Lacrosse fans when it does come out. We'll keep an eye out for eventual release and/or broadcast.