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Syracuse Daily Links - OC George McDonald Thinking About Year Two

"I think I'm very, very critical of myself. I want perfection."

Joe Robbins

George McDonald, still irked by Pitt loss, discusses growth as a play-caller heading into Year 2 |

"I think I'm very, very critical of myself. I want perfection. I think as I grew, my plays got better, we won more games, so that's part of the deal. If there ever comes a point and I'm saying I think I arrived and am where I need to be, then I probably need to retire. I can't ask Sean Hickey to be as good as he was last year. I need him to be better. So he needs me to be better."

Syracuse University Athletics - Seven Named to All-ACC Academic Track and Field Teams

Seven members of the SU track and field teams, three women and four men, have been named to the All-ACC Track and Field Academic Teams. Sophomores M.J. Erb, Shaina Harrison and Margo Malone, juniors Martin Hehir and Max Straneva and seniors Reed Kamyszek and Sarah Pagano were named to the teams Commissioner John Swofford announced on Wednesday, July 2.

Chapel Hill coach Justin DeShon raves about Syracuse commit Tyler Cross' size, strength |

"I think he just feels comfortable with Coach Reed to be honest with you," DeShon said. DeShon added that he thinks Cross' verbal commitment is "pretty dang solid."

Syracuse football has reason to be optimistic about its offensive line, says strength coach Will Hicks |

"We do 26 110-yard sprints for time," Hicks explained. "Linemen have to make it in under 19 seconds. We grade them by how many they make. Our linemen are all passing all of them."

Q&A with Tyler Ennis after being picked by the Phoenix Suns | The Juice Online

I’m real excited. I think at this point everybody just wants to hear their name called. I had a really good workout in Phoenix. Their style of play fits mine, and I think with the young talent Phoenix has and me being a facilitator, I think it could really work well.

Syracuse basketball: Lessons learned from the NBA Draft | The Juice Online

The 2014 NBA draft has been in the books long enough that the ink is dry, the grades are in, and the league itself has already shifted into "OMG, free agency" mode. We should not, however, let the draft move too far away without trying to note some things for next year, particularly as these lessons pertained to the Syracuse players who were drafted.

'10 Syracuse Stereotypes': Fact, fiction or just good Internet fun? |

"Syracusans Talk Like The Lovechildren Of Canadians and Midwesterners"? Come on.